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Most people going through divorce for the first time are confused. The laws are complex, and most information on the internet (and from family and coworkers who are not legal experts) only causes further confusion. When facing a divorce, you need the help of an experienced team of attorneys.

At Bekoff, Feinman, Lo Piccolo & Kauffman, P.C., our lawyers have decades of successful experience handling divorce and other family law matters. From our Manhattan office, we serve clients throughout Nassau County. We are a trusted name in family law throughout New York.

Your Rights In The Divorce Process

  • Equal opportunity with your children: Barring a court order, it is not acceptable for a parent to keep the children away from the other parent during divorce proceedings. Early on in the process, the court should issue temporary orders outlining the parenting and support plans for the parents during the divorce. Neither party is allowed to disobey those instructions.
  • Freedom from harassment and violence: Your spouse is not allowed to harass you or endanger you physically. You have the right to not be threatened or abused in any way.
  • Property protection: New York is an equitable distribution state, which means that the court will try to divide assets and debt equitably (rather than focusing on an exact 50/50 split). Your spouse is not allowed to take or hide assets to keep them from being distributed in the divorce.
  • Freedom from slander and libel: Your spouse is not allowed to defame your character on social media, in conversations with friends or to the children.

When looking at these rights, it is critical to remember that they cut both ways. Your spouse is not allowed to violate your rights. And you are not allowed to violate your spouse’s rights, either. At Bekoff, Feinman, Lo Piccolo & Kauffman, P.C., our lawyers can protect you from having your rights violated, and we can help you avoid making mistakes in terms of your spouse’s rights – mistakes that could hinder your efforts and goals in the divorce proceedings.

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