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If you are facing criminal charges, you don’t need to be told how serious the situation is for you. Your finances, your reputation, your future and your freedom are all at stake. Do not take this situation lightly, and do not try to solve this problem on your own or with an inexperienced lawyer.

When facing serious charges, you need serious help from an experienced team of attorneys. At Bekoff, Feinman, Lo Piccolo & Kauffman, P.C., we provide strong defense against criminal charges. From our home office in Mineola, we help clients in Long Island and throughout the greater New York area.

Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of criminal defense cases, from the simplest traffic violations to the most serious homicide cases.

Defending Clients Against A Range Of Drug Crime Charges

Our lawyers handle cases that include:

Traffic Violations

Many people think of traffic violations as “no big deal.” While a speeding ticket is not as major as a homicide charge, traffic violations can be much more serious than people think. If you get multiple tickets or you fail to deal with your first offense appropriately, you could face serious fines and potentially lose your driving privileges. Let our lawyers help you protect your interests and your future.

College Student Crimes

Crimes committed by college students are usually the result of a college party gone wrong, or a bad decision regarding the use of drugs or alcohol. However, in too many cases, promising young men and women see their lives completely derailed as a result of a crime committed in college.

Do not let one poor decision ruin your child’s life. Our lawyers can provide a strong defense against these charges in criminal courts, and we can represent your child before the college boards in any disciplinary hearings that result from the accusations.

Airport Crimes

Since 2001, airport security has been getting increasingly more stringent and serious. The experience of going through airport security is almost unrecognizable from what it was just 20-some years ago. As a result, there is generally no tolerance for crimes committed at airports.

Our lawyers can defend you against weapons charges, drug-related charges, violent crime charges and other charges of crimes committed at an airport in New York.

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