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Make clothing choices carefully for a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Family Law |

As a New York parent who is preparing to navigate divorce proceedings, you’re no doubt focused on issues relating to your children. While you never could have imagined you’d be trying to win a child custody case against the person you expected to spend a lifetime with, you’ve come to terms with the situation and want to obtain a favorable outcome in court.

Numerous issues may influence a family court judge’s decision whether or not to grant you primary custody of your kids. It’s always best to remember that your goal in court is to make a good impression and convince the judge that granting you primary custody would be best for children. What you wear to court may affect the outcome of your case.

Check the court’s website before deciding what to wear for proceedings

When you step into a courtroom in a child custody case, you undoubtedly want the judge to believe you are a capable, confident and responsible person. If the court in question has posted a dress code, and you disregard it, you might as well consider strikes against you from the start.

It’s always a good idea to go online or call the courthouse to see if there are clothing requirements for child custody proceedings. If there are, you’ll want to do your best to adhere to them.

Attire that is typically considered acceptable in a courtroom

When you have filed a petition for primary custody of your children in divorce, you’re essentially telling the court that you know your children would be better off living with you most of the time than with their other parent. Wearing clothing that would be appropriate for an important business meeting is a good choice for child custody proceedings, as well.

Neutral tones are best when the goal is to make a good impression in court. Collared shirts and flat or low-heeled shoes are also good choices when dressing for the courtroom. If you’re wearing a skirt, you’ll want to keep the length at or below the knee. Pants should be well-fitted, neither too tight nor too baggy.

Avoid this type of clothing when you’re headed to court

Just as there are certain types of clothing that can help you make a good impression on a family court judge in a custody case, there are also styles or clothing items that may negatively influence the court’s decision. For instance, wearing dirty-looking jeans with rips in them is never a good idea.

It’s also best to avoid plunging necklines and heels that are higher than one inch. Wearing jewelry or cosmetics isn’t necessarily a bad idea, although you’ll want to make sure to minimize accessories. If it wouldn’t be something that you’d wear to a job interview or important business meeting, then you’ll want to avoid it in court, as well.

Stay focused on your ultimate goals

A New York family court judge has children’s best interests in mind when making child custody decisions. If you’re petitioned the court for primary custody, you’re say that you believe you’re the best parent for the job. Think of how you might be influenced by a parent’s appearance if you were the judge.

Carefully choose attire that helps you increase your chances of making a good impression and convincing the court to rule in your favor.